Nick Maurer

Nick Maurer is a native of Chicago who has been writing, producing and performing music for over 25 years. His arrival in the world of dance culture was solidified with his co-founding of Chicago's iconic Greenskeepers in 1998. Over the course of many years his signature vocal and instrumental contributions propelled the band forward and led to musical appearances in film, television, advertisement and video games.

Many know Nick for his more recent vocal performances on collaborations with artists like DJ T, M.A.N.D.Y., Luke Solomon, LOPAZZ and Monika Kruse (just to name a few). His first real vocal hit surfaced in 2002 when the Classic Music Company released the dance floor anthem Should I Sing Like This. The song's tongue-in-cheek take on vocal house perfectly reflected the inherent creativity of Maurer and gave his band the street credit it needed to move onwards and upwards.

Nick is also a talented multi-instrumentalist and prides himself on being able to hold his own on piano, guitar, drums and the ever infamous recorder. His most recent efforts can be found under the moniker Faded Ranger, a two man project that was signed to HFN Music (Hamburg) last year. The group's first full length was release in November of 2014 along with a number of singles and remixes that were warmly received by DJs and normal music folk alike. Nick is also wrapping up the production on his first solo album and hopes to get it on the street in 2015.

As far as performance goes, Nick seems to have done it all. For years he faithfully performed the role of front-man for the Greenskeepers live show. His signature stage looks have been spotted at Park Life (Australia), T In the Park (Scotland), Fabric (London), Avalon (Los Angeles), Electric Daisy (Ireland) and SXSW (Austin, TX). Nick is also a talented DJ and has slammed dance floors from Hamburg to Honolulu. He is currently working with the Unbound Artist Managament people in lovely Frankfurt. If you are interested in booking Nick, please see the Contact page for more information.

Nick has called Heidelberg, Germany his home since 2008. He lives outside of town and can be found riding his long board through the fields...when he's not locked down in his studio or on the road. His plans for the future are simple: to continue realising his creations and winning the hearts and minds of as many music fans as possible...or go down swingin'.